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September 2, 2022


Helen Vasquez standing next to a big-leafed plant in a greenhouse

Caring for your land when it’s not really your land [replay]

Planting trees and building soil doesn’t always reap instant rewards–and maybe that’s the point.

August 26, 2022


Kevin Gabbard at a stainless steel sink next to a big kettle, plastic buckets in various colors sit nearby on a cart

Meet the guy who cooks for 31 million–luckily his guests don’t eat much [replay]

Take a peek inside the fruit fly kitchen on the Indiana University campus.

August 19, 2022


young girl holding red bean bags, about to toss one. browning grass, an apartment complex and other people in the background

Making the invisible visible: our food system’s dependence on the labor of forced migrants

A conversation with Elizebeth Cullen Dunn on the elements of our food system that most of us prefer to keep hidden from view.

August 11, 2022


Beth Hoffman and John Hogeland standing close together in a field with a sunset sky, pasture and small trees behind them.

The agrarian dream may be calling–but is it practical?

Farm life still manages to attract young people, but they often come to the land with unrealistic expectations.

August 5, 2022


Black farmers in the Midwest look to history for inspiration moving forward

Hear stories about Black farmers in Ohio, and Indigenous wild rice cultivation in Minnesota lakes.

July 29, 2022


Heather Craig in apron and surgical mask chopping green vegetables in a commercial kitchen with bins of yellow mushrooms, leafy greens and chopped red and yellow peppers on the countertop

Crafting menus at the Community Kitchen

Heather Craig sees the community kitchen as a bridge rather than a net.

July 22, 2022


Anthony Gosset and Megan Gosset standing in front of a door to an old bank vault. There are plants and other decor around them including a red metal fireplace.

A gardener, a baker and a brewer walk into a bar…

Hear the story of gardener-turned-bread-baker, Candace Minster who sells her bread to a kombucha bar in Twelve Points.

July 13, 2022


Keitlyn Alcantara head shot

Keitlyn Alcantara on Indigenous foodways of the past and the present

Anthropological bio-archeologist Keitlyn Alcantara studies pre colonial burial sites to understand indigenous foodways.

July 8, 2022


many different bottles of vinegar and oil arranged on a bar, with shelves of bottles in the background

Goods for Cooks is a “mom and pop” kitchen supply shop run by a brother and sister

Siblings Sam Eibling and George Huntington keep up with the latest trends, while maintaining that old-school personal touch in their independent store–filled with cooking equipment, tableware and specialty food items.

July 1, 2022


Nate Brownlee sitting in green field facing a flock of white sheep who are facing him and moving towards him

Earth Eats Presents: The Hoosier Young Farmers Podcast, Part II

What is the role of community in the life of a farm? How do farmers strike a work/life balance? Explore these questions and more on this special episode.

June 24, 2022


Brittany Kiel, with brightly colored hair, standing at a long counter, with pink and yellow walls, a brightly patterned curtain in the background.

An Indiana bakery with a history, looks to the future

When Brittany Kiel took over the family bakery, she wanted to make changes to reflect her own passions. Honoring tradition is also important to her, so she’s striking a delicate balance.

June 17, 2022


Head shot of Michelle A.T. Hughes, smiling at camera in blue blouse

The future of farming must be inclusive

The National Young Farmers Coalition centers racial equity and is no longer a white-led organization. Catch our conversation with Michelle Hughes, about the organization's transformation, on this episode of Earth Eats.

June 9, 2022


Melati Citrawireja standing in front of a small greenhouse holding a potted plant and looking at the camera

When you’re craving Indonesian food, you might have to make it yourself

A conversation and kitchen session with Melati Citrawireja of Three Salted Fish.

June 3, 2022


Sharrona Moore in purple jacket and stocking cap leaning on shovel handle looking at camera, people gardening in the background

The Hoosier Young Farmers Podcast–a special presentation on Earth Eats

Hear the voices of farmers across the state talking about their farming lives and the challenges they face.

May 27, 2022


Two women standing in front of a metal garage door, one with her gloved hand over a large metal vat with a clamp lid, the other leaning on a make-shift countertop

“It all started with soup,” Polish volunteers nourish Ukrainians fleeing war

A conversation with Elizabeth Dunn about volunteers at the Polish-Ukrainian border who were the first to provide aid to refugees.

May 20, 2022


Two figures from the back, looking at a red barn. One of the figures has 'support queer farmers' on the back of their shirt

Queering the food system with Ike Leslie

To queer something is to ask questions about what gender and sexuality have to do with the topic at hand. Here, we are looking at food and farming.

May 12, 2022


Hot Farm in bold red letters with a photo of the back of a man in plaid with a ballcap looking towards a sun standing in a field of corn plants

Earth Eats presents: Hot Farm--a podcast with Eve Abrams

A special presentation from the Food & Environment Reporting Network (FERN) of a podcast on farming and climate change.

May 6, 2022


A drawing in the style of a tarot card with a person and palm production supply, next to a black and white head shot of Max Haiven

Palm oil is everywhere–what can it tell us?

What can one commodity reveal about our food systems, about health, about labor and capitalism and about the environmental costs of so-called cheap food production?

April 29, 2022


A collage of 5 strips of art photos with very colorful, richly detailed still life arrangements of desserts, drinks, glasswear and figurines.

Brick Kyle has fun with his food, and Katie Martin works for justice in the charitable food system

A local artist and baker takes up a new hobby, and a food bank director brings new tools to address hunger.

April 22, 2022


Abel Garcia in a red sweatshirt standing in front of a wooden display of colorful bottles of spirits

One chef, two authors, an anti-racist toolkit and a flower fritter recipe

This week on Earth Eats learn how to make delicate (and decadent) fritters from the flowers of the Black Locust tree. Plus, interesting conversations with authors, chefs, foragers and more.

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