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Amy Beckley

HR Business Partner

Kylie Bovenschen

Payroll/HR Coordinator

Brandi Bruner

Financial Administration Coordinator

Brad Kimmel

Executive Director

Christina Lirot

Director of Finance and Administration

Lorna Tatum

Financial Administration Coordinator


Kirsten Adair

Education Reporter, News

Clayton Baumgarth

Rural Affairs Reporter

Patrick Beane

Senior News Editor

Bente Bouthier

Producer, Noon Edition

Lauren Chapman

Digital News Editor, IPB

Violet Comber-Wilen

Reporter, IPBS

Joanie Dugan

All Things Considered host, WFIU

Lucas González

City Government Reporter

George Hale

Multi-Media Journalist

Emma Herwehe

News Intern

Isabel Hook

News Intern

Joe Hren

Assistant News Director, Anchor/Reporter

Cali Lichter


Sara Molina

News Intern

Nathan Moore

Producer, Noon Edition

Adam Rayes

Labor and Employment Reporter

Devan Ridgway

Chief Videographer, News

Abigail Ruhman

Multimedia Health Reporter, News

Ethan Sandweiss

Multimedia Journalist

Brandon Smith

Statehouse Producer/Journalist, News

Katy Szpak

Multimedia Journalist

Rebecca Thiele

Multimedia Environmental/Energy Journalist, News

Sarah Vaughan

All Things Considered Producer/Newscaster

Isabella Vesperini


Sara Wittmeyer

News Bureau Chief

Aubrey Wright

Multimedia Journalist

Bob Zaltsberg

Special Projects Editor, News


John Bailey

Station Operations Director, WFIU

Violet Baron

Host, All Things Considered

Chris Burrus

Associate Producer, WFIU

Aaron Cain

Multimedia Producer, WFIU

Alex Chambers

Multimedia Producer, WFIU

Mark Chilla

Production Director, WFIU

Wendy Gillespie

Producer/host, Harmonia

Don Glass

Producer/Host, WFIU

David Johnson

Producer / Jazz Director, WFIU

LuAnn Johnson

Syndication and Traffic Manager, WFIU

Yaël Ksander

Host, A Moment of Science

Sylvia McNair

Producer/host, Sylvia & Friends

William Morris

Producer/Host, WFIU

Tom Roznowski

Producer/Host, WFIU

Kayte Young

Multimedia Producer, WFIU


Saddam Al-Zubaidi

Editor / Videographer

Eric Bolstridge

Director of Content

Scott Carmichael

Visual Effects Artist, WTIU

Adam Carroll

Editor / Server Operator

Todd Gould

Senior TV Producer/Director

Laura Grannan

Traffic Manager, WTIU

Jason Pear

Producer/Director, Education & Production Services

John Timm

Videographer / Editor / Assistant Producer

Levi Voils

Lighting and Staging Manager

Nate Wrigley

Technical Director / Digital Engineer


Connor Andrei

Senior Technical Manager

Sarah Curtiss

Media Productions Manager

Eric Fisher

Technical Manager

David González


Riley Roberts

Technical Manager

Zachery Watson

Technical Manager

Kevon Wilson

Director of Media Productions

Digital & Marketing

Laura Baich

Director, Marketing & Communications

Eoban Binder

Director, Digital

Maggie Crady

Associate Producer, Digital

Samantha Gee

Associate Producer, Digital

Payton Knobeloch

Multimedia Producer, Digital

Russell McGee

Producer/Coordinator, On-Air Promotions

Fundraising & Events

Pamela Boswell-Dike

Corporate Development Associate

Mary Ducette

Director of Engagement

Becky Jessmer

Donor Relations and Stewardship Associate

Lacy Jones

Corporate Development Associate

Heather Kogge

Development Coordinator

Darrell Myers

Producer, On-Air Fundraising

Amy O'Shaughnessy

Director, Development

Joan Padawan

Events & Adult Outreach Coordinator

Marianne Woodruff

Corporate Support

Eva Zogorski

Director, Membership

Engineering & IT

Kevin Evans

Senior Broadcast Audio Technician

Danny French

Technical Services Manager

George Hopstetter

Director, Engineering and Operations

Howard Lacer

Assistant Chief Engineer, TV

Brian Neeley

Broadcast Technician

John Overshiner

Computer & Networking Support Analyst

Michael Paskash

Audio Director

Kyle Richmond

Broadcast Operations Coordinator