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Metz Board Room, DeVault Alumni Center

In attendance:

Community Advisory Board Members:

Tom Bunger, Joan Curts, Pamela Davidson, Tim Decker, Mark Edwards, Gary Hallum, Mike Hefron, Martha Nice

Staff Members:

Laura Baich, Mary Ducette, Nancy Krueger, Perry Metz, Brent Molnar, Kyle Richmond


Roll Call – Mary Ducette

Intro to staff and their jobs

WTIU staff explained their roles at the station.

PBS Meeting Recap/Insider Experience

Joan Curts reported on opportunities for ‘Insiders’ at the PBS annual meeting.

Federal Funding

Mark Edwards requested talking points he can share with others. Brent will send APTS materials as well as WTIU’s Content and Service Report from last year.

Opt Eds About Federal Funding

Mike Hefron, Mark Edwards, Martha Nice, and Tim Decker offered to write opt eds for local newspapers. John Nash will also be asked.

Nominating Committee

The WTIU CAB now has 4 vacancies. Joan Curts, Tim Decker, Mark Edwards, Mike Hefron need help in compiling a list of 10-15 candidates for consideration. Emphasis on more diversity, as well as age range.

Aging Conference - Planning Committee

Tom Bunger, Pam Davidson, Mike Hefron, Tim and Barb Decker, Mark Edwards Martha Nice, Nancy Krueger, Joan Curts all volunteered to be on a planning committee for a WTIU conference centered on issues surrounding aging. Long term care, staying in your home longer, navigating the healthcare system in Indiana, dementia, retirement/estate planning, etc. – all could be topics for breakout sessions. It was suggested that WTIU record breakouts and make them available via web afterwards.


Brent Molnar summarized three outreach activities WTIU held in Batesville, Indiana recently. This summer, WTIU is looking into the feasibility/expense associated with reaching Batesville by cable.

Tape Testimonials at Sept. 7th CAB meeting? Or, tape at station? Or in your home town?

Pam Davidson, Joan Curts, Tom Bunger and Mark Edwards volunteered to do testimonials. John Nash will also be asked.

2017 Meeting Schedule:

March 2, 2017

June 1, 2017

September 7, 2017

December 7, 2017