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Metz Board Room, DeVault Alumni Center

In attendance:

Community Advisory Board Members:

Joan Curts, Pamela Davidson, Mark Edwards, Harold ‘Pete’ Goldsmith, Gary Hallum, Mike Hefron, Cullen McCarty, Martha Nice, Lynn Schwartzberg

Staff Members:

John Bailey, Mary Ducette, Nancy Krueger, Brent Molnar, Marianne Woodruff


Members were given the new Friday Zone marketing materials and New Program Idea, Testimonial, and Shop Cards.

We reviewed WTIU Online ‘Channels’ – Redefining positions related to Social/Integrated Media this afternoon

Station Supporter Experience and the PBS Annual Meeting- Mark and Lynn discussed theuir experiences at the Annual Meeting, they felt they were treated very well and would love to go next year.

PBS Passport – Demo and Content Policy. Brent did a demo of Passport and we discussed the “soft launch.”

CAB Bylaws/Appoint a Chair – We discussed the need for the Board to have “Chair.” If anyone is interested they were asked to contact Brent.

Columbus Story Ideas? (Ex. Airport – restaurant?) We continue to want to push into the Columbus area. Possible partnerships with the hospital were discussed as well as the “Save the Sculpture” initiative.

2016 Meeting Schedule:

March 3, 2016

June 2, 2016

September 1, 2016

December 1, 2016