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June 6, 2019
DeVault Alumni Center
In Attendance:
Community Advisory Board Members:
John Bailey, Nicole Bolden, Tom Bunger, Pamela Davidson, Hope Flores, Sally Gaskill, Mike Hefron, Sara Laughlin, Lynn Schwartzberg

Staff Members/Others:
Mary Ducette, Brent Molnar, Joan Padawan, Marianne Woodruff


Roll Call- Mary Ducette

Board Membership
• Gary Hallum – stepping down/moving to Indianapolis
• Brent and Perry – need to meet (before September):
Michael Koryta, Novelist/writer, Bloomington, IN
Matt Souza, Vice Chancellor IUPUC, Columbus, IN
• Nominating Committee – Joan Curts, Tim Decker, Mike Hefron, Martha Nice
Need one more recruit – from outside of Bloomington.

PBS Annual Meeting
• Insider Experience – Lynn
• Audience Data – Brent

Station Events
• June 26 - WTIU Day at Westminster, Terre Haute
Hometown: A Journey Through Terre Haute, Indiana with Tom Roznowski/Susanne Schwibbs
Terre Haute: Rise & Resilience with Mark Gibson
Private Dinner for Long-Time Members

• August 3 - Second Annual WTIU Conference on Aging
WTIU CAB Volunteers/Facilitators
 Joan Curts
 Tim Decker
 Barbara Decker
 Martha Nice
E-Steering Committee/Survey Results/Session Ideas

2019 Meeting Schedule:
September 5, 2019
December 5, 2019