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Community Advisory Board Members:

John Bailey, Nicole Bolden, Tom Bunger, Joan Curts, Pamela Davidson, Mark Edwards, Hope Flores, Sally Gaskill, Mike Hefron, Sara Laughlin, Martha Nice, Lynn Schwartzberg

 Staff Members/Others:

Brent Molnar, Joan Padawan, Marianne Woodruff



Roll Call – Mary Ducette


Station Events

WTIU Day at Monroe County Fall Fest – September 20, 2019

            An Evening with Judy Woodruff – September 21, 2019

WTIU Family Flight Night at Monroe County Airport – October 19, 2019

            WFIU/WTIU Open House – October 29, 2019

            WTIU Super Treat Night in Bedford – October 31, 2019

Be More Awards – March 31, 2020



Crooked Stick

The power and poignancy of 19th century slave spirituals evoke feelings of raw power, deep empathy, pathos and poetry. When modern musical virtuosos blend modern Latin, Jazz and African rhythms with these ancient hymns, the spirituals soar even higher, truly elevating emotions and inspiring audiences. Now in a new concert presentation, internationally acclaimed mezzo-soprano Marietta Simpson teams up with two-time Emmy Award winning composer/arranger Tyron Cooper to offer an intimate concert performance.

Coming February 2020.

Ernie Pyle: Life in the Trenches

He is known as “America’s storyteller.” Famed WWII correspondent Ernie Pyle remains one of the most accomplished and beloved journalists in American history. Ernie Pyle: Life in the Trenches is a 90-minute WTIU documentary that tells the story of the Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist who reached millions each week with stories about ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things.

Coming March 2020.


Diverse Programming

Discussion following the Crooked Stick promo revolved around the opportunity to expand various types of heritage programs to programming slots throughout the calendar year.  Molnar requested that Board Members send him dates and celebrations which should be recognized so that they can be included in monthly schedule development.


Metz Award

Connor Hakes, Associate Director of Development – updated the Board on the Perry Metz Student News & Journalism Excellence Scholarship.  Also explained his role within the office of Strategic Campus Advancement and his team’s mission overall.


Conference on Aging

Review e-steering committee survey topics.

Add any additional topics for consideration. Topics mentioned included, Entrepreneurship after retirement, sleep health, low-cost health care, and prescriptions, and diabetes.


2020 Meeting Schedule:

March 5, 2020

June 4, 2020

September 3, 2020

December 3, 2020