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WFIU Community Advisory Board Meeting

The Virgil T. DeVault Alumni Center, Kelley Dining Room

September 21, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

Notes Prepared by James Gray

Attending: Catherine Hageman, Peter Jacobi, Lewis Ricci, Miah Michaelsen, Laura Ginger, Mary Hall, Matt Pierce, Lynn Schwartzberg, Alain Barker, Charlotte Zietlow, Beth Watson, Pam Davidson, John Clark, Todd Nation, Daren Pitts Redman, Will Murphy, James Gray, Eva Zogorski, John Bailey, Nancy Krueger, Perry Metz

Lewis Ricci calls the meeting to order.

Lewis Ricci: I want to welcome everyone to the meeting. We have a full agenda. Let’s start by approving the minutes.

Pam Davidson moves to approve the minutes. John Clark seconds it. Approved.Â

Nomination Committee

Miah Michaelsen: I have slips for nominations. I need names. I have received a few. I also need nominations for officers. You can write them in or email them to Will or Lewis. Please think of your availability.Â

Fund Drive CAB Challenge

Lewis Ricci: Last year, our challenge was $3,700. We are hoping to reach $4,000 this year.

Charlotte Zietlow: Will my sustaining dollars count towards the goal?

Eva Zogorski: Yes. You can always up the amount too.

Pam Davidson: Would someone let me know what I gave last year so that I can up it?

Eva Zogorski: Yes. Of course.

Will Murphy: we will start a silent fund drive and hold the listener reception on October 8. There will be references to these on air, but there won’t be any goals associated with them.

The fund drive begins on October 15. Our goal is $162,000, but please keep that number in house.

The theme for the drive is “Feed your mind, feed your community.”

There will be various incentives and promotions tied to the Hoosier Hills Food Bank and Green Bean Delivery.

Testimonials can be recorded after this meeting.

There are some funny spots. We hired Know No Stranger to make these. Also, the drive will be shorter this year. It will be from October 15 to 21.

Strategic Plan

Lewis Ricci: Let’s look at connections. Maybe we can do a survey about programming and discuss it at the next meeting.

Charlotte Zietlow: It strikes me that some stations have 3 streams. Is that out of question?

Lewis Ricci: As of right now, we only have 2 streams. Maybe we can access online streams as well?

Will Murphy: It will just be 2 streams.

Pam Davidson: We should be more direct with our fundraising. We always want more international programs.

Lewis Ricci: That’s programming. We can look at our contributions as being in 2 major sections: “Connections” and “Content.”

The survey will have programming and connections on it.

Catherine Hageman: Having goals from the station would be helpful.

John Clark: The more specific the stations goal are, the more comfortable I feel about helping with those goals. Maybe we can be liaisons, but what is “The Ask?”

Lynn Schwartzberg: I need tools for teaching people how to talk to non-listeners.

Charlotte Zietlow: I’m thinking of John Lewis and Nate Powell tonight. What is the equivalent to a graphic novel for radio?

Lewis Ricci: We need more clear terms, and we can make a list of plans and ask the board to help.

John Clark: I would like to see a cross-reference between the goals and the strategic plan. Also, a rank of priority would be nice.

Perry Metz: John is talking about context. We needs to improve our ways of being younger and more local. What will our connections look like? We have many resources we can use on air.

Miah Michaelsen: Advocacy training could be helpful.

Lewis Ricci: Maybe positions could have specific duties. So, let’s have a plan to instruct the future duties.

Will Murphy: Please use the matrix to guide your thought before my inquiry.Â

Social Thing

Lewis Ricci: We want to do a social thing for the 3 25-year+ members.

Will Murphy: I want to underscore my appreciation to Peter Jacobi.

Peter Jacobi: I’ve enjoyed my time. I’m looking forward to the future.Â

Next meeting: TBA