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WFIU Community Advisory Board Meeting

The Virgil T. DeVault Alumni Center, Kelley Dining Room

January 11, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.

Notes Prepared by Will MurphyÂ

Attending: Catherine Hageman (phone), Peter Jacobi, Lewis Ricci, Miah Michaelsen, Laura Ginger, Mary Hall, Lynn Schwartzberg, Alain Barker, Charlotte Zietlow, Beth Watson (phone), Pam Davidson, Todd Nation, Daren Redman, Sara Peterson, David Bowden, Janis Starcs, Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, Janet Stavropolous. Staff: Will Murphy, Eva Zogorski, John Bailey, Nancy Krueger, Joe Goetz, Mark Chilla, Brent Molnar, Marianne Woodruff, Perry Metz

Lewis Ricci calls the meeting to order.

Lewis moves item #5 to the top of the agenda—recognizing three outgoing members of the CAB who have served since 1979: Janis Starcs, David Bowden, and Peter Jacobi. Perry Metz lauded their long-time service, and noted that the three had provided continuity during decades of turbulence and change in the industry. Plaques were awarded.

Minutes: No motion taken, minutes from September 21, 2015 meeting accepted without emendation.

Nominating Committee report: Miah Michaelsen. Nominating committee needs to schedule a meeting in order to select a slate of incoming officers. Membership includes Catherine Hageman, MM, Lewis Ricci, and Mary Hall. Slate will be presented at next meeting. Members are encouraged to submit nominations, both for committee and for the board.

Perry Metz reported on the station’s leadership of the RJC effort through IPBS, and the efforts to locate a shared ATC host.

Audience survey: John Bailey guided the board on a series of audience surveys going back to Fall of 2012. Data includes every county in WFIU listenership except Howard. About 80 percent of our audience is over 35. Those who are listening to WFIU are listening more hours per week. Our dedicated listeners are tuning in WFIU 7-9 times per day. Our share of the audience during morning and afternoon drive (news) is very healthy.

Eva reports growth of sustaining members. We’re now at 25 percent, but we have a ways to go. Trend is to have fewer donors, but larger average donations. WM notes that the curious trend is that our audience 2012-2015 is going up, but our membership is going down.

A prolonged conversation about the listening habits of millennials and younger audiences. Alain Barker asks if WFIU has as part of its development plan a way to integrate younger listeners’ habits into the membership base.

Lewis Ricci: Is there a way to use technology to convert folks who encounter us elsewhere to become members of WFIU?

Strategic Plan and committee structures: In response to a request from CAB to formulate committees with specific missions, to give the CAB more guidance on how to help, WM proposes several committees, and seeks members of those committees: Advocacy, Membership, Best Practices, and Engagement. MM says leadership expects each CAB member to serve on at least one committee.

Sara Peterson underscores the notion that the committees are intended to help implement the staff’s work plan—they’re not intended to add to or define the staff’s work.

The expectation is that each committee will have met by the next meeting of the CAB.

LR calls for adjournment