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In Attendance:

Community Advisory Board Members:

John Bailey, Tom Bunger, Pamela Davidson, Sally Gaskill, Mike Hefron, Cullen McCarty, Martha Nice, Lynn Schwartzberg

Staff Members/Others:

Mary Ducette, Brent Molnar, Joan Padawan, Marianne Woodruff


Roll Call – Brent Molnar

4th Annual Conference on Aging Wrap Up

The fourth annual WTIU Conference on Aging occurred every Saturday at 10am from October 2 through November 20, 2021.

We’ve continued to see growth in terms of participants age ranges and geographic areas.  This may indicate that families are using our sessions to start conversations around issues related to aging – even if other family members live out of state.

Sessions, as well as the WTIU Conference on Aging archive may be found at

Percentages are approximate:

217       Total Registrations

160       74%    Session 1: Medicare 101, Supplemental and Long-Term Care Insurance

113       52%    Session 2: COVID-19: An Update

113       52%    Session 3: Palliative & Hospice Care: A Conversation

149       69%    Session 4: Dementia: An Overview

164       76%    Session 5: Mental Health and Aging

173       70%    Session 6: What You Need to Know about Social Security

174       80%    Session 7: You Want Me to Do What? Roles of POAs, Guardians, and Executors

140       65%    Session 8: Gathering Family Stories and Telling Your Own  



47        22%     Male

164       76%     Female

5          2%       No Response

1                      Group (Bell Trace)


16        7%       Under 40 years

25        12%     40-49

48        22%     50-59

86        40%     60-69

42        19%     70+



132       61%     Full Time Employed

9          4%       Part Time Employed

64        29%     Retired

3          1%       Unemployed

6          3%       No Response


20 States: 

5          California

1          Colorado

4          Florida

1          Georgia

2          Idaho

1          Illinois

172       Indiana (79%)

1          Kansas

1          Kentucky

1          Massachusetts

1          Minnesota

1          New Hampshire

1          New Jersey

1          New York

11        North Carolina (5%)

1          Ohio

6          Pennsylvania

1          South Carolina

3          Tennessee

2          Texas

Pamela recommends reaching out directly to aging communities/senior living communities in outlying areas to promote growth.

Joan recommends reaching out to other IPBS stations (TV and radio) to promote the conference as well – even if it requires paid promotion.  Keep the conference branded as WTIU.

Look for other health partners, hospitals, University Club, IU Emeriti House, mini-university (off season), IU Retirees Assoc. - who can also help grow the conference.

This year, we are consolidating feedback into one survey for participants to rate sessions.  Sally recommends capturing the impact of the content.  “How has the information you’ve learned affected your actions, thinking, etc.”

Analyze web data more thoroughly.

2022 APTS Public Media Summit

America’s Public Television Stations (APTS) and WTIU invite you to join us for the 2022 Public Media Summit to be held in the afternoons of Monday, February 28 and Tuesday, March 1, 2022. This members-only event will be held virtually. 

The APTS Public Media Summit is a great chance to get inside information about what stations around the country are doing to serve the public.  This info comes in handy when speaking with stakeholders.

Station registration will again allow for 10 participants from a station.  Last year, Lynn, Pamela, Sally and Martha attended. This year, Lynn, Pamela, and Martha are interested in attending.  Anyone else is interested in attending this year should reach out to Brent Molnar:

WTIU CAB Match Results

Please thank them again for participating in the match!

Counting some additional pledges that came in today in response to our Thank You email, we brought in a total of 78 pledges totaling just over $13,000. This does not include the $4,000 matching dollar which we also secured.

The average pledge was $168.

Last year’s GT efforts brought in 100 pledges for $15,356 (not counting the $10,000 matching dollars).  So we came pretty close to last year’s total even though we had $6,000 less in matching funds.

2022 NETA Conference & CPB Public Media Thought Leader Forum

As part of WTIU becoming a NETA Corporate Member, the National Educational Telecommunications Association is providing a scholarship to our entire team for their annual conference this year.

NETA has set up a complimentary code that can be used for everyone on our staff including students, interns, board members, major donors – for the 2022 NETA Conference & CPB Public Media Thought Leader Forum (January 24 – 26, 2022).

Specific sessions will be listed by the end of December 2021.

Anyone is interested in attending should reach out to Brent Molnar:


RTVS units are meeting to determine their individual goals that fit within the larger organizational goals.  Their GSOT (Goals, Strategies, Objectives, Tactics) should be completed by mid-January.  The WTIU team completed its GSOT process two weeks ago.

Goal is a broad primary outcome.

Strategy is the approach you take to achieve a Goal.

Objective is a measurable step you take to achieve a Strategy.

Tactic is a tool you use in pursuing an Objective associated with a Strategy. Tactics are also typically where

the real work takes place.

Overarching Organizational Goals:

  1. GOAL- Be of great value to the stakeholders & communities that we serve


            Produce diverse and relevant content

            Increase impact and engagement to support mission, branding and content

            Align our external IU unit work to support the new President’s goals

  1. GOAL- Be a great place to work


            Improve staff recruitment and retention  

            Embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion

  1. GOAL- Be a technology leader


            Support general audience engagement

            Expand fundraising techniques  

            Grow external clients

            Support internal staff

  1. GOAL- Be sustainable and promote growth


            Increase local development revenue      

            Advocate for increasing federal and state government support

            Promote and communicate IU’s return on investment (ROI) in RTVS

Once all units have their individual GSOTs completed, the Leadership Team will meet to look at areas for collaboration, resources needed, and select areas of focus for the next three years.

Pamela recommends promoting IRA Charitable Roll Over, gift annuities, and other gift planning ideas as part of Development work going forward.

Job Openings

Help us recruit diverse and quality candidates!

Indiana Public Media Careers


Search for “Radio-Television” or “WTIU” or “WFIU”


Future WTIU CAB Meetings

  • March 3, 2022
  • June 2, 2022
  • September 1, 2022
  • December, 1, 2022




12:10:53 From  Martha Nice  to  Everyone:

            Hi guys, a little late, but here!

12:29:53 From  Sally Gaskill  to  Everyone:

            Martha, you were great on the lobbying calls last year, hope you can do them again :-)

12:34:19 From  Cullen  to  Everyone:

            I was in DC two weeks ago. Access to congressional office buildings is by escort from a staffer. You have to wait outside in the elements. Virtual is a good way to go.

12:39:34 From  Pamela  to  Everyone:

            Brent, I am most happy to have lunch or coffee with your new development hire, once s/he is in place.  It really is a paradigm, the approach makes a huge difference in activity.  Glad to.

12:51:23 From  Mary Ducette  to  Everyone:

            Sorry for being off mute everyone! Someone snuck up on me in my office, apologies