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WFIU Community Advisory Board Meeting

The Virgil T. DeVault Alumni Center, Metz Boardroom

January 5, 2015 at 4:00 p.m.

Notes Prepared by James Gray

Attending: Janis Starcs, Janet Stavropoulos, Miah Michaelsen, Carolyn Calloway-Thomas, Lynn Schwartzberg, David Bowden, Lewis Ricci, Becky Cape, Peter Jacobi, Todd Nation, Matt Pierce, Beth Watson, Marty Donnelly, Will Murphy, Perry Metz, James Gray, John Bailey, Eva Zogorski, Sara Peterson

Lewis Ricci called the meeting to order at 4:00pm.

New Business: Welcome

Lewis Ricci: Welcome, everyone. There are some new people at the meeting. Let’s go around the table and introduce ourselves.


Since there are new people at these meeting, I would like to see the station provide nameplates for everyone at the table.

Should we approve the minutes from our last meeting?

[Carolyn Calloway-Thomas moves to approve the minutes. Beth Watson seconds.]

Motion passes unanimously.

Perry Metz: Strategic Plan (Indiana Public Media)

Perry Metz: With Phil’s departure, we are reassessing operations and departments. This is an internal review. We have been looking at other stations for models.

We have found quite a few variations with television and radio working as joint operations. There is a model that relies on station managers. Another model is content focused and features chief content officers. Some plans have the GM work outward. There are many permutations of these models as well.

We want to put more emphasis and resources into content. We are not in trouble financially, and we will not be eliminating positions. There may be changes to positions though.

Lewis Ricci: Can you comment on how this plan will operate in relation to radio’s strategic plan?

Perry Metz: I see that they can both point out issues, ideas, and values for us to address.

Marty Donnelly: Will we be combining boards?

Perry Metz: I am reluctant to combine the boards. One reason for this is financial. We have never used radio money to support television.

Carolyn Calloway-Thomas: What are the financial consequences of some of these models?

Perry Metz: It depends on the models but there is a current opportunity to lower managerial salary expenses.

Sara Peterson: Strategic Plan (WFIU)

Sara Peterson: We have everything in line to dive into the strategic planning for WFIU. We have a team with a nice mix of staff, leadership, and CAB members. We’ll have a meeting tomorrow that focuses on community engagement and localism.

We’ll be talking about the values of decisions as opposed to technology, embracing multi-channel presentation, and staying ahead in the game.

The meetings that take place on January 6th and January 20th are open to the CAB, and they will take place at the Bloomington City Council Chambers.

[CAB members emphasize that the strategic plan should include values.]

Year in Review

Lewis Ricci: Since this is the first meeting in 2015, let’s look back at the station’s accomplishments in the past year.

Will Murphy: I sent out three documents listing the many achievements of the past year. Sometimes the year goes by so quickly it is hard to keep track of everything that gets accomplished. There are a couple of things that I will mention here. We now have more diagnostic tools available to us this year. We can make more informed decisions by using numbers. Also, the CAB now has more structure, we’ve codified its operations.

John Bailey: We participated in the Jacobs Media Survey this year. They poll over 10,000 listeners each year. It is a credible source with trust associated to it.

We can see from this data that streaming audio is on the rise. We’re also seeing big changes in mobile device use. Only 65% of those polled credit terrestrial signal as a primary platform

We have also been working with Chris Cage. He has given us some information about our listenership and region in particular. He found that nearly 28% of those polled in Monroe County listened to us once a week. We are leading our competition.

Carolyn Calloway-Thomas: How many people were surveyed for this?

John Bailey: 300-400

Will Murphy: Chris Cage says we should pause before we consider changing anything;; to have 27-28 percent share is very, very unusual in radio.

David Bowden: What is the margin of error on this survey?

Will Murphy: 3-4 percent.

John Bailey: We are seeking more audience information. We would like to have a day-part by day-part breakdown of counties outside of Monroe County.

Goals for 2015

Lewis Ricci: In the spirit of the new year, let’s look forward to some of the goals the station has for 2015.

Will Murphy: We have quite a few goals for the new year. Here are a few:

-Audience Survey

-Modification of D.I.S.

David Bowden: I mark up my D.I.S. I use the pictures, and I like the comments.

Lynn Schwartzberg: When we talk about mingling WFIU and WTIU, I could see how mingling the stations guide could be good marketing.

Perry Metz: I appreciate that D.I.S. is a reminder of station that is in our listeners’ living rooms. I do not want to make any snap decisions with regards to D.I.S.

Another goal we have in 2015 is a spring fund drive. This one will be shorter and in April.

Matt Pierce: What are your expectations from this drive?

Will Murphy: Our goal is to make up the “goal shortfall from the last drive ($65,000)

Eva Zogorski: I expect to see many new members too.

We also plan to implement a new translator strategy this year and redesign the on-air studio.

David Bowden: Will you plan to use fund drive money for this?

Perry Metz: The redesign will be purchased with station generated funds.

Will Murphy: A few other goals for 2015 include addressing branding, syndication, a new talent schedule, a new programming grid, and our social media strategy. I am hoping for more collaboration with IPBS, and we have are working with IU Press to create a cookbook featuring Earth Eats.

Fund Drive

Eva Zogorski: The last fund drive saw 80% participation from the CAB.

Lynn Schwartzberg: I thought you have to make a financial contribution to be a CAB member.

Lewis Ricci: This is true, but not everyone behaves.

Nominating Committee

Miah Michaelsen: The nominating committee is planning to reconvene soon.

Lewis Ricci: I will be asking for two names from each CAB member, and I may pull names from a list of donors as well.

Other Business

Lewis Ricci: Is there any other business?

David Bowden: What is happening in Terre Haute?

Will Murphy: WFYI said they were planning to help ISU with internships but Lloyd has sent his second daughter to WFIU for an internship.

David Bowden: On another note, I want to point out three things that have made me happy. I thought Joe’s last broadcast went really well. Also, I thought John’s voice did a nice job of covering holes over the last couple of weeks. Finally, I want to say that I think Joe Goetz is doing a great job, and it is clear that he is working with George.

Lewis Ricci ask for motion to adjourn. Lynn Schwartzberg so moves.


Next Meeting is April 6, 2015 at 4 pm