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What high school graduation rates look like in Indiana and U.S.

Note: the audio for this show will be available Friday


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Graduating high school is one of the most important steps in a young person's life. But not everyone gets there. Poverty, unequal educational opportunities, and bullying are some of the factors that affect graduation rates. According to the World Population Review, the lowest graduation rate among state public schools as of 2023 is California at just under 84%.  

In Indiana, public high school graduation rates are just under 90% and around 87% among all schools. However, Indiana public schools rank in the bottom half of U.S. in graduation rates among Black and Asian students at around 86 and 82.5 percent according to the same source.  

You can read more about Indiana high school graduation rates among all Indiana high schools here:,-but-racial-inequities-persist.php

On Noon Edition Friday, we will talk with experts and educators about high school graduation rates in Indiana and ways they can improve.     

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