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Earthquake in Turkey and Syria causes thousands of casualties  

Turkish Student Association members pose for a picture at an IU club sign-up event. (Turkish Student Association)

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Tens of thousands of people have been found dead from the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria last week. A report from the New York Times early this week estimated the total number of deaths has passed 40,000: over 35,000 in Turkey and more than 5,500 in Syria.  

Turkish authorities have arrested multiple contractors as many buildings collapsed causing the deaths of thousands. Over 100 contractors are currently under investigation about the buildings’ ability to withstand earthquakes.  

Millions of citizens are currently in need of support and resources. The United Nations announced a $397 million humanitarian appeal for Syria and a similar plan for Turkey is expected to be announced. The UN also provided $50 million in earthquake relief from its emergency funds. 

Students from Indiana University also have begun a GoFundMe page to help raise money for relief efforts. Organizers and team members have raised over $21,000 of the $50,000 goal so far.

Indiana University faculty and members of the Student Turkish Association will be holding a forum Monday, February 20th at 7 PM in the IMU's Frangipani room. More information can be found on the IU Asian Culture Center website.

On Noon Edition, we talk with guests about the earthquake, relief plans, updates, and more.  

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Michael Hamburger – Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at IU

Anatole Cakmak - Grew up in Turkey, where the epicenter of recent earthquake was, and member of the Bloomington community

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