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New laws for Indiana residents effective July 1st


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Indiana residents will no longer need a permit to carry a handgun, effective July 1. This new law would not affect those already prohibited from carrying a handgun, such as felons. According to the IndyStar, police are concerned about how this change will affect their investigations. Other concerns include public safety due to improper use or guns getting into the wrong hands.

​Other laws that go into effect July 1 include transgender women no longer will be allowed to take part in women’s athletics. Many some have questioned whether this law infringes on the Constitution and Title IX. This new law is due to Governor Holcomb’s veto on the ban being overturned. 

​We will cover these new laws and how they will affect Indiana residents with our guests this Friday.

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Dr. Laura Wilson, Associate Professor of Political Science from the University of Indianapolis  

Will Fite, Regional Director - National Association for Gun Rights/Director of Legislation - Hoosier Gun Rights 

Brandon Smith, Statehouse reporter for Indiana Public Broadcasting

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