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Indiana residents are casting their votes as Indiana midterms are rapidly approaching

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Indiana midterm elections are just two weeks away as residents get ready to vote for county, state and U.S. House and Senate representatives on Nov. 8.  

This could be a pivotal election for Indiana residents due to the many hot topics and issues that were prevalent this year. Issues regarding abortion laws, rising property taxes, gun laws, COVID-19 and more could have a large impact on who residents choose to vote for. Republicans continue to control the Indiana’s House, Senate and statewide offices – including governor. GOP control is expected to continue, though there could be some changes because of the many hot-button issues that have been in the news this year. 

More information about how and when you can vote can be found here: “Midterms approaching: how and when to vote” 

We will talk with our guests Friday about the upcoming election and everything Indiana residents should look at they cast their votes.   

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Brandon Smith - Statehouse reporter for Indiana Public Broadcasting

Marjorie Hershey - Professor of Political Science at Indiana University and publisher of two books of research and a number of political articles in journals

Paul Helmke - Professor of Practice and Director, Civic Leaders Living-Learning Center, IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs

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