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Noon Edition

Artificial Intelligence: technology of the future 

starship robot

(Samantha Horton)

Noon Edition airs on Fridays at noon on WFIU.

Technologies have changed drastically over the past decade and one specific kind of technology has been at the center of that conversation most recently: artificial intelligence. While still fairly new, artificial intelligence, or AI for short, has seen increasing amounts of funding and traction.   

Microsoft just announced it is investing $10 billion into OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT, and many other companies are announcing investments as well. Companies are creating AIs to perform simple tasks, but also jobs as complicated as surgical procedures and military operations.   

Though AI offers much that’s good, looming concerns remain.  

Join us this Friday as we talk with experts about those concerns, the positives, and the future of AI in the world as we know it.   

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Dr. Cindy Hmelo-Silver - Barbara B. Jacobs Chair in Education and Technology at IU, Distinguished Professor, & Director of the Center for Research on Learning and Technology and Professor of Learning Sciences

Dr. Beth Plale - Director of the Data to Insight Center and professor in the Department of Intelligent Systems Engineering at IU Bloomington

Dr. David Crandall - Luddy Professor of Computer Science & Director of the Luddy Artificial Intelligence Center at IU.  

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